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Q - Are classic cars a good investment?

A - Yes! Investing in classic cars is like investing in art and other collectables. Classic cars continue to go up in value even in tough economic times. I don't understand why a Picasso would sell for one million dollars but I do understand why a Gull Wing Mercedes would.

Q - What are the best cars to invest in?

A - That depends on the individual. If strictly as an investment then any valuable car will do. If for a car enthusiast then a combination of what you like combined with what is valuable or increasing in value is the best choice. Classic Car Consultants is here to help balance the emotion component with the economic component.

Q - Are auctions a good place to buy a classic car?

A - Yes and no. Auctions are usually the only place to find rare vehicles and deals can be found. If there are 2 or more people who really want the same car then prices can go above market value and inversely if you are the only bidder on a certain car then a good deal can be made. Making an educated instead of emotional decision is key. Classic Car Consultants participates in auctions on a regular basis and we clearly understand the process and costs involved.

Q - How do I know how much to pay?

A - That's where Classic Car Consultants comes in. The first issue is deciding how much funds are available. Secondly is making well informed decisions based on market conditions. Classic Car is involved in the car market daily and we know which vehicles are increasing in value and which ones are decreasing in value. Once you narrow done how much and type of car the next step is condition and personal use. Are you looking for a driver or museum piece. All of these factors are important in the final purchase decision.

Q - Why should I choose Classic Car Consultants?
A - We work for you. We are not trying to convince you to buy a car that we own. We are only motivated to make your purchase right for you. In the long run we will save you money making sure that you get the right car for the right price.

Q - Does Classic Car Consultants ship collector cars

A - Yes. We have connections with many different shipping options and take care of the entire process from beginning to end. We match the shipping requirements to each individual situation and specific needs.

Q - Is it safe to buys cars on the Internet?

A - Generally yes but buyer beware. As with anything on the Internet these days there are scams out there. Visual inspection is always recommended. Classic Car Consultants is available to evaluate collector cars for individual buying decisions.

Q - How do I sell my Classic Car?

A - There are many options available in today's car market. Picking the right option can be a tough decision. There are many online sits selling cars and a lot of money can be spent without results. Auctions are also an option and there are many classic and collector car auctions out there. Some auctions charge high fees and commissions and matching the right car to the right auction is important. Classic Car Consultants participates in auctions regularly and understand the entire process.

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